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DIY: Industrial TV Stand

It’s DIY time!

What you will need:
2 5ft x 11 1/2 Wood boards
Wood stain (I used Minwax in Red Mohogany)
2 Pvc 2″ tee coupling fitting
4 2″ Threaded Bushing
4 2″ Floor Flange
4 2″ Metal Nipple
16 #9 3/4″ Wood screws
Spray paint (Textured metallic in Galaxy & Hammered n Black)

You can definitely choose different style and size parts, just make sure that you are consistent with with sizing of piping!

DIY: TV Stand Wood

Step 1:
Stain every side of both boards. Make sure to leave outside to breathe for at least 24 hours.

DIY: TV Stand Spray 1

Step 2:
Spray paint the pvc piping, floor flanges, and bushing in the Textured Metalic in Galaxy

DIY: TV Stand Spray 2

Step 3:
Once they are dry spray over them in the Hammered Black

DIY: TV Stand CPVC Piping
Step 4:
Hot glue one of the threaded bushing into each end the tee coupling fitting.

DIY TV Stand Floor Flunge
Step 5:
Screw the floor flanges into board. Make sure you keep them centered. I ended up moving mine in closer to the middle for stability for my TV. ONLY do this to ONE BOARD.

DIY: TV Stand Finished
Step 6:
Twist one of the metal nipples into the threaded bushing on both ends. You should have the tee shape coupling with the threaded bushing and metal nipples at both ends. Twist onto the floor flanges you screwed in. Twist the other floor flanges to the piping and place onto the second wood board. Then screw them into the second board.

DIY: TV Stand Close UP

DIY: TV Stand Final

VOILA! A new DIY industrial looking TV Stand!

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